SDCC and New Artwork In The Shop

We’re bringing some new sketches to Comic-Con, but you don’t have to wait until San Diego to get ‘em. If you’re going to SDCC, order one now and pick it up at the show, or if you’re not going, order one now and just pretend you went!

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Emmanuel At CTNX

Just a quick update for anyone attending CTN Expo this weekend. On Friday, November 18, Emmanuel will be reviewing storyboard portfolios at the DreamWorks booth, and on Saturday at 9 am, he'll be on the Behind The Story With DreamWorks Animation Television panel to talk about that story life. If you're attending and you're interested in the story side of animation or just want to meet a man who knows how to tuck a shirt into a pair of jeans, plan accordingly. 

What Do You Think About Alexander?

I have a son! Alexander William Theophilos Deligiannis came into the world on August 23, and he is absolutely perfect. We didn't find out ahead of time, and I have a solid track record of making beautiful baby girls, so when he came out, I just stood there staring at him until I heard my wife asking, "Well, what is it?!" I looked at her and said, "What do you think about Alexander?" 

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