Star Wars With My Little Girl

We had the annual family Christmas party tonight. My precious Sophia's been under the weather, and she threw up a couple of times (introducing her to the aroma of bleu cheese tonight was probably a mistake), so she and I cut out early and came home. It was cold and raining, so I brewed a fresh pot, grabbed a soft blanket, and then we turned off the lights, turned on the tree, and popped in Episode V. Here's a few things from it, as filtered through the eyes and ears of the greatest 4-year old in the world.

About five minutes in, she finally decided to ask when the vampires would show up, and why they wanted to strike back. There's an old man named Oki Penoki, and a couple of funny droids named R-Toon and AP-Theo. Darth Vader is correct, but Dark Vader sounds gooder. And she was pretty surprised to find out he's the dad of Luke Skyrocker. 

I wish I had taken notes from the jump, because there was more and it was all good stuff. Granted, it's been so long since I've seen it and my movie recollection is so bad that, for all I know, it was my first viewing too, but watching it through the eyes of a kid for the very first time was pretty magical.

Or maybe it was just cuddling with my little girl for a couple of hours. Either way, a night I'll be looking back on with smiles.