SDCC and New Artwork In The Shop

So, I had a whole plan laid out for Comic-Con this year. I was going to produce a bunch of sketches in advance to display at the show, and I was going to finally man up, get over my insecurities, and officially open up for on-site commissions. I was excited and ready to firmly plat myself at my booth (1537) with my arsenal of pencils, paints, and markers in tow, and (hopefully) spend the week drawing for people.

The best laid plans, though, ya know? A couple of weeks ago I got a call about an upcoming “Fandemonium” thing Nickelodeon is putting together, and was asked if my family and I would like to play a part in it at Comic-Con. It’s a super fun opportunity, especially for my kids (they’re gonna dress up and be filmed for TV - me too, apparently, but let’s focus on them) so I couldn’t say no. Plus, this is my little guy’s first SDCC, so I figure we’ll start him off with a bang. But, this also means I’ll have to be away from my booth at certain times throughout the week

So long story short, I probably won’t be doing commissions as planned. And since I don’t know yet what our schedule looks like for the week or when I’ll be at my booth to sell stuff, I’ve decided to put my recent sketches up in the Shop and make them available to anyone who might want one, whether you’re attending SDCC or not. If you are attending and want a sketch, you can order it here and pick it up in person (use code SDCCPICKUP to avoid shipping - this is good only if you’re picking up in person). That way, even if I’m not at the booth when you drop by, it will be there waiting with your name on it, and one of the homies can get it to you. (And hey, if you don’t see something you want in the Shop, keep in mind that commissions are open at the moment, so you can hit me up to draw something just for you).

The sketches will go up today at 2:00pm PST and they’ll be available in the shop until I leave for Comic-Con (Wednesday morning). At that point I’ll take them down for the duration of the show, and whatever doesn’t sell will pop back up here afterwards, once Comic-Con 2019 comes to an end (and what a sad time that will be).